Twilight of the Dark Master (1998) – Anime Review

Also known as Shihaisha no Tasogare. There are two reasons someone would come upon this anime, which are: It was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and it was made by Studio Madhouse. I came across this because I wanted to watch everything Shinbo directed.previewAbout the Anime:

This anime is based on a graphic novel of the same name, written by Saki Okuse. In my opinion, this anime’s background story is abysmal, and I mean seriously. I know it’s hard to fit a story into 50 minutes, but the problem doesn’t lie there. If you’ve read a synopsis of the anime from somewhere, you’re going to understand what I mean. “Monstrous Demons and noble Guardians fighted for the Earth long time ago but now there is only one guardian and one demon left and they’re continuing their epic fight in Neo-Tokyo.” *yawn* Yeah, very original indeed.

But after watching the anime, I understood why there was a shoujo tag in the genres. Writer’s purpose wasn’t telling about the fight between demons and guardians or anything like that. This story’s main focus is how cool Tsunami Shijo is. This mysterious flame-manipulator bishounen guardian lived a very long life (for eons) and now he helps the protag to find her fiancee who turned into a demon. As you’ve guessed Shijo kicks those demons in the rear. Even though watching this may sound boring, action scenes are well-made overall so it’s not.WLYa2Rox_oIs it worth it?

It’s only 50 minutes and it gives you the 90’s vibes (not neo as it was intended) so I think it’s worth it. If you like Akiyuki Shinbo’s directing and if you wonder what his projects looked like before he got into Studio Shaft, 50 minutes is a perfect time to see it for yourself.

My Score: 54/100

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