Who is Mariya Takeuchi and Why Did Her Song Went Viral?

We’ve all listened Mariya Takeuchi’s song named ‘Plastic Love‘ thanks to Youtube making it go viral. And most of us have came to love her music. A reddit user posted the video on a music sub-reddit on 2017. And since then ‘Plastic Love’ has surged in online popularity. Mariya Takeuchi’s songs are in a music genre called ‘Future Funk‘, a subgenre of Vaporwave. She spent over 20 years to reach the west side of the globe but she really made a huge impression nonetheless. You can listen to the song here:

Her life:

Mariya Takeuchi (竹内 まりや) is a singer and songwriter. She has had a successful career in Japanese pop music spanning decades. Mariya Takeuchi was born in Taisha city in the Shimane Prefecture. She spent a year studying in the United States while in high school. We see lots of J-Pop singers who fit under the ‘studied in the US’ category and appearently she was in the club too.

When Mariya Takeuchi started her music career in 1978, she was still studying at Keio University, a really prosperous university in downtown Tokyo, with the release of her single “Modotte-Oide, Watashi no Jikan” and the album Beginning. The 1979 single “September” and the 1980 single “Fushigi na Piichi Pai” (Mysterious Peach Pie) were both hits. The work she did during the late 1970s to 1980s is largely associated with the Japanese city pop genre, along with that of her husband and collaborator Tatsuro Yamashita. I urge you to check Tatsuro Yamashita’s songs too. Yamashita’s songs have more of a ‘brighter’ tone in my opinion.

Mariya Takeuchi plastic love


Is Mariya Takeuchi popular in Japan too?

Yes, she was very popular in 80’s and her best album still sold well in 2000s in Japan. She married singer-songwriter Tatsuro Yamashita in April 1982, and stopped her career temporarily after becoming pregnant. But upon returning to the Japanese music industry in 1984, she has accomplished huge success. Since her return, she has recorded seven successful albums that mainly consist of her self-written songs, and all of them have reached #1 on the Japanese Oricon chart. No wonder why huh?

In addition to her work as a performer, she has also written songs and lyrics for other singers. Some of these songs got in the top-ten on the Oricon too.  She wrote the song ‘Eki’, for the album by Akina Nakamori and ‘Genki wo Dashite’, a song for Hiroko Yakushimaru. Those songs are recognized as two of Mariya Takeuchi’s most notable compositions. ‘Genki wo Dashite’ was later covered by Hitomi Shimatani in 2003.

Mariya Takeuchi had released 12 albums, 42 singles, several compilations and a live album until September 2014. Most of them didn’t reach in the United States though. The albums she did had total sales of more than 16 million units by 2009, estimatedly. Her songs until 1994 were compiled in an album named Impressions, which sold more than 3 million copies in Japan alone, and became her best-selling album.


You can buy her albums on Amazon here: Buy it now! Remember that ‘Plastic Love’ is included in the album named ‘Variety.’  Also, you can add the J-Pop Hub to your bookmarks for more articles like this. Thank you for reading!



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